'The View' Co-Hosts Battle Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee During Panel

The View Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mike Huckabee - Screenshot - H 2017

"I'm shocked that you're here, both of you," co-host Joy Behar said.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, could not have expected a sympathetic audience on the set of ABC's The View. But their appearance on Wednesday morning might still have gone a little worse than they expected.

"Who approved you coming here?" co-host Joy Behar asked Sanders. "The Mooch? Is that why he was fired? I'm shocked that you're here, both of you."

In perhaps the most contentious part of the exclusive interview, Behar asked her, about President Trump, "Is the media not supposed to report the fact that 95 percent of what he says is a lie?" She then added, "I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend these lies every day."

Sanders, in response, accused Behar of "doing exactly what we were talking about in pushing a false narrative." Sanders had criticized journalists for editorializing and not sticking to the facts, a popular talking point of hers.

Critiquing the media, she said, "We're creating false perceptions about the president and frankly inhibiting his ability to succeed. We should be championing for his success because his success is American success."

Several of the co-hosts criticized President Trump for his past actions and comments about women and minorities, forcing Huckabee to defend him and say that he's not a racist.

Huckabee said Trump is not a perfect man, but that if he "didn't have some confidence in his integrity, then I would never encourage my daughter to work for him."

The last segment of the interview provided an opportunity for Huckabee to plug his new show, Huckabee, which will air on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Huckabee said the show will be similar to his Fox News program, which ended in early 2015, when he considered running for president. His daughter served as his campaign manager.

"This is not going to be a show where people are talking over each other and screaming and yelling," Huckabee said.