'The View' Co-Hosts Share David Letterman Memories (Video)

The panelists on the ABC morning show took a few minutes to reminisce about their experiences as guests of the departing 'Late Show' host.

Just hours before David Letterman tapes his final episode of CBS' Late Show, the co-hosts on ABC's The View took a few minutes to share their memories of the longtime late-night host.

All three of The View's current panelists — Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace — appeared on Letterman's Late Show, with Wallace just making an appearance during a blizzard this past winter.

After airing clips from those sit-downs, Goldberg acknowledged that View creator Barbara Walters and longtime former panelist Joy Behar also appeared often on Letterman's Late Show.

Perez said she was on about six or eight times, and Letterman was "always very generous," adding an example of a particularly kind gesture he made.

"The main thing that I remember is when my dad passed, he was the only one, outside of my representatives that sent me flowers," Perez said. "People don't know his kindness like that, and he was really sweet. I'm gonna miss ya, Dave."

Wallace respected how he was "kind and generous" to her despite often joking about her former boss, George W. Bush.

"He was a harsh critic of Bush and [Dick] Cheney, but I've never laughed so hard in my life," Wallace said of Letterman. "He, to me, embodies the idea of a host. When you sit in his chair, you are his guest. And I knew he disliked everyone I ever worked for. He made a ton of jokes about them and about me, but he was so kind and gracious and generous to me when I sat there. And I think it's old school to be that kind to people. I'm nervous sometimes when I do shows because I know people don't agree with my politics, but he was an old fashioned, sweet, kind, generous host."

Goldberg, who pointed out earlier what longtime Late Show fans know, that his studio is notoriously cold, said: "I've known him 150,000 years, and it's been an honor and a pleasure to come and play with you in your cold-ass studio."

Watch The View co-hosts honor Letterman in the video below.