Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg Rage Against Trump: "Men Can Get Away With Anything and Women Can Get Away With Nothing"

Joy Behar - ABC The View - Screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of ABC

On Wednesday's 'View,' Candace Cameron Bure, who has remained tight-lipped about who she was voting for, said she was "happy with the result."

In between wrapping up The View's primetime special on Lifetime on Tuesday night and Wednesday's regular broadcast on ABC, Donald Trump was elected president early Wednesday morning. And View co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were not happy about the results of the 2016 election and didn't hold back on Wednesday's show.

Behar, who's routinely criticized Trump and like many other View co-hosts vocally supported Hillary Clinton, began by saying that the nation is on edge after Trump's win.

"It was a rough night for everybody, I think. We're worried. People are worried," Behar said. "He's the president now. We're watching you."

Behar said she was also concerned that the Republicans will be running the legislative and executive branch.

"The only checks and balances we have are us, The View," she said, adding of Trump, "I'm already on his enemies list, as are you, Whoopi."

Goldberg then expressed her concerns about what Trump represents, which she said makes the outcome "not so comfortable for me."

"Because not only does he now threaten how things are going down with kids of color, with women's rights, with my right to decide what's right for my body, not what someone else says was right," she said to applause. "Not just my rights about my body but my friends' children are afraid because this fool has said, and I know he's the president, but for me when you scare children by saying you're not going to let them stay in the country and you're going to separate them out, children don't know what you're talking about. And this is a bigger picture. This is bigger than him. This ripples out in so many different directions. This affects gay folks, gay marriage, transgender people. This has huge effects. Whether we are a nation that believes in people's rights as they are constitutionally guaranteed. Whether we're a nation that believes in the rights as God has guaranteed. Whatever you believe. No child should be afraid that their parents are going to be taken away because they're Muslim or they're Mexican or they're black. No kid should ever have to deal with that. And that to me is an issue. … What I see is stop and frisk coming back. What I see are things that I don't want to see anymore. But people didn't think about that. And they voted their conscience. And you get what you deserve."

Behar later said, alluding to Trump and Clinton's various scandals, that the election results prove to her that "men can get away with anything and women can get away with nothing."

On Twitter, one of the many women who's accused Trump of sexual assault, Jill Harth, weighed in on the election outcome.

Goldberg said if Trump turns out to be a bad president, "We can vote his ass out" or perhaps the government will take more drastic measures: "There is such a thing called impeachment."

Behar did see a silver lining, saying, "Here's the good news. Comedians are going to have a ball."

Goldberg cautioned, though, "It might be a while before we start laughing again."

One View panelist, though, was openly "happy with the result." Candace Cameron Bure, who recently said that she's voting on issues but wasn't revealing who she was voting for. But she too was surprised by Trump's victory.

"I honestly didn't think I'd even be sitting on this side of it this morning. I didn't think Donald was going to win," Bure said. "I can't say that I'm sad about it. I know that over half of America voted him in and are happy that he's there. And yet I'm in this room with a lot of people that don't seem to be happy about it. Although there's so many things the way that he's spoken and talked about people that I absolutely do not agree with, I was a person that voted on policy so in that sense I was happy with the result. And yet, if anything, no matter which side you are on, I hope it brings us all as a people to a horizontal posture, it brings us to our knees, our face to the floor, that we pray for our country, that we pray for him. Whether you think he could turn this upside down or you're praying that he'll hold the positions he said he would. I pray that we come together for that in humility."