Viewers love the spitting image


E-Trade's Super Bowl spot featuring a talking baby executing a stock trade and then spitting up was the most-viewed commercial during Sunday's game, followed by ads from Pepsi and Doritos. None of the many movie studio ads made it on to the top 10 list, according to TiVo.

Based on a sampling of 10,000 households using anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data about how TiVo subscribers watched the game, Pepsi's "magnetic attraction" ad starring Justin Timberlake and Doritos' user-generated "mousetrap" commercial that came in third in its "Crash the Super Bowl" competition last year took second and third place, respectively.

Rounding out the top 10 list were Coca-Cola's ad starring James Carville and Bill Frist, Ice Breakers' spot starring Carmen Electra, Bridgestone's headlights commercial with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons, Bud Light's Cavemen, Vitamin Water's Horse Race,'s Plan B "Witch Doctor" and Life Water's Thriller.

"Unlike other surveys or polls, this is actually a measure of which commercials got the highest amount of viewership," said Todd Juenger, vp and GM, TiVo audience research and measurement. "Clearly you either need humor in your ad, or celebrity in your ad, or both to get attention in this Super Bowl environment."

According to the TiVo data, more people watched the commercials than the game itself, which has been the case since TiVo started compiling the information five years ago. "Turning TiVo a little bit on its head, people are rewinding and watching the commercials multiple times," Juenger said. The most popular commercials had anywhere from a 5%-30% larger audience than the game, he said.

But not all the data emerging from the Super Bowl points to the same results. According to Hey! Nielsen's survey of 200 people who voted online, the five favorite ads were Budweiser's horse/Dalmatian spot, Coke's parade balloons, Diet Pepsi's Max, FedEx's pigeons and Pepsi's Timberlake.

And based on search data from Yahoo, Indy driver Danica Patrick, who starred in's Super Bowl spot, was the second-most-searched term on Yahoo from Sunday-Monday. "GoDaddy" and "GoDaddy commercial" also were among the top 20 Yahoo searches. And, which directed Super Bowl viewers to its site to view the original version of the "Exposure" ad that was rejected by Fox, reported 1.5 million visits to its site before the game was over and 2 million for the day, up from 500,000 last year, when it ran three Super Bowl spots.

Hyundai's spot was the eighth-most-searched item on Yahoo, and Audi's "Godfather"-themed ad came in at No. 11.

None of the studio ads made it onto Yahoo's list of the top 20 searches, nor were they among the most-viewed Super Bowl commercials on Yahoo. "From the activity we saw on Yahoo, people were interested in creativity, and they actively searched for the ads that entertained them the most," said Jessica Barron, Yahoo's pop culture expert.

According to Reprise Media's annual Search Marketing Scorecard, which ranks Super Bowl advertisers based on the level of integration between their TV commercials and presence in search and social media, Pepsi,,,, T-Mobile and Tide scored "touchdowns." Disney, along with Zantac and Hershey's, fumbled, missing their opportunities for cross-channel integration, Reprise said.

"Overall, while movie studios are generating buzz with their 30-second spots, the majority are still missing the boat," said Peter Hershberg, managing partner of Reprise Media. "With the exception of New Line's 'Semi-Pro,' which scored high for both search and social media presence, most studios are not buying search ads for their films, and none is using Super Bowl-specific keywords or copy to capture the attention of Giants and Patriots fans."