Viewers will know score with CBS alert


CBS announced what it called a new "viewer-centric" marketing initiative to keep audiences informed if their favorite television show is delayed because of sports or news broadcasts that run over. CBS Eye-lert, which launches in the fall, will enable viewers to be notified via e-mail and text message if the start time of a program is delayed. CBS said that it is the first such initiative at the broadcast network. Through the coordination of CBS Interactive, broadcast operations, e-mail and phone systems, viewers can subscribe to CBS Eye-lert by registering on, and, CBS said. In the fall, when an NFL game ends beyond 7 p.m. ET, causing a delay on the network, viewers will be notified before primetime and again once the specific start time of the show has been determined so that they can adjust their viewing or recording plans. "Scheduling delays from sports overruns and breaking news are a fact of life in network television, and the CBS Eye-lert is a great way to reach audiences in real time so they can stay current with their favorite show," CBS Marketing Group president George Schweitzer said.