Viggo Mortensen Stopped by Airport Security in Washington

Viggo Mortensen AFI 2009
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LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 04:  Actor Viggo Mortensen arrives at the AFI FEST 2009 screening of "The Road" at the Chinese Theater on November 4, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

The "On the Road" actor was celebrating his favorite Argentinian soccer team's win while waiting for his flight.

BUENOS AIRES – Actor Viggo Mortensen was stopped by security personnel at Dulles airport last Sunday, and threatened to be thrown out of the airport after he made a very excited celebration of his soccer team’s triumph during a key match in the Argentine league.

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Mortensen, who grew up in Argentina and is a huge soccer fan, was watching a decisive match for his team San Lorenzo on his laptop, while waiting to board a plane at the airport. The match could determine if the team would remain or not in the league’s main category.

In a chronicle about the episode the actor himself wrote on the column he has on San Lorenzo’s website, he described how his passionate celebration of a key goal ended up with him being questioned by airport security and instructed to calm down.

“I screamed GOAAAAAAL with all my soul, and started jumping around the place like a frightened dear among the passengers and their suitcases,” he wrote. People can't understand why am I screaming "PIPI!" [a player’s nickname] over and over again, and whether it’s because I’ve pissed myself or maybe I got hurt someway,” he added

Mortensen also described his run-in with security after a man in a military uniform asked him to "cool it down."

“In the last extra 4 minutes added by the referee, two police men grab me and take me away from the computer, saying ‘Sir, what is WRONG with you???’ The cops ask for my passport and boarding pass, they ask me lots of questions. I tell them that it’s OK, that I’m sorry, that I’m watching a soccer match and my team has just scored a very important goal and the match is about to end. And while they’re asking me all these things and revise my papers all I’m trying to do is to look over their shoulders at the laptop screen, to see if the match ended with a 3 – 2 score.”

“The match ends and I want to scream for victory, but I know that’s not a good idea right now with these guys searching me. Finally, they let me go and warn me that if I start screaming again I won’t be allowed to board and they’ll kick me out of the airport.”

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The actor, who also published a compilation of contemporary Argentine poets through his own publishing house Perceval Press, has recently starred in his first Argentine production, Ana Piterbarg’s thriller Everyone Has a Plan, produced by Haddock (Argentina) and Tornasol (Spain) together with Castafiore and Argentina's Telefe. Piterbarg actually casted Mortensen after meeting him by chance in San Lorenzo’s sport club, where he was buying a team shirt and she was picking up her kid from swimming lessons.