Vimeo on Demand to Debut 13 Toronto Film Festival Movies

Little Feet TIFF Still - H 2013

Little Feet TIFF Still - H 2013

Several titles will first premiere on the streaming site.

TORONTO -- Vimeo last September offered producers of 150 world premiere movies at the Toronto Film Festival a $10,000 advance to digitally launch their titles on its Vimeo on Demand platform.

It turns out, the filmmakers behind 13 movies took the site up on its offer, and their titles will debut on the streaming site.

The first film to launch via Vimeo on Demand is U.S. indie director's Alexandre Rockwell's Little Feet, starring Lana Rockwell and Nico Rockwell, which is now available for pre-order on Vimeo and will debut on March 21.

Other films that will be available to be purchased from Vimeo On Demand include René Sampaio's debut feature Faroeste Caboclo, Spanish filmmaker Juan Cavestany's Gente en Sitios and Palestine Stereo, by Palestinian director Rashid Mashawari.

The Vimeo on Demand lineup also includes Syrian auteur Mohamad Malas' Ladder to Damascus and two Greek films, Yannis Sakaridis' Wild Duck and Yorgos Servetas' Standing Aside, Watching.

Vimeo requires the Toronto filmmakers to give the Vimeo on Demand platform 30 days of online exclusivity for their titles or enough time until the YouTube competitor recoups the $10,000 advance.

After that, Vimeo will offer a 90/10 revenue split in favor of the filmmaker and allow the filmmakers to pursue traditional distribution channels.

Vimeo recommended filmmakers set the price for their films at $4.99 or higher, and that the movie be available on the Vimeo on Demand platform for at least two years.