Vimeo Removes Alex Jones' InfoWars Account After Surge in Uploads

Alex Jones interview with Megyn Kelly - H Publicity 2017
Screengrab/Courtesy of NBC News

On Thursday and Friday, InfoWars uploaded 50 new videos to the Vimeo platform.

Video platform Vimeo has removed an account belonging to Alex Jones' InfoWars after it uploaded more than 50 new videos late last week. 

A spokeswoman for the IAC-owned company confirmed that the InfoWars account was removed on Sunday "following the uploading of video, on Thursday and Friday, that violated our Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content. Vimeo has notified the account owner and issued a refund as we do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way." 

Last week, Jones and his right-wing media brand were banned from several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify. The companies cited a violation of their rules around hate speech and harassment or bullying. Twitter was one of the few companies to hold off from removing Jones' accounts. CEO Jack Dorsey defended the decision on Twitter, posting that "he hasn't violated our rules." 

As of last Wednesday, InfoWars, which is known for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation, had fewer than a dozen videos uploaded to its Vimeo account and most centered on the topic of the banning of their content on other platforms. On Thursday and Friday, more than 50 new videos, totaling hours of aggregate footage, were uploaded to the account. Vimeo's trust and safety team manually reviewed the content and within 48 hours determined that the videos violated its terms of service. 

Jones tweeted about the removal of his content from Vimeo on Monday morning, claiming that the ban was "because we reported there were 'Islamic training camps' in America."