Vinay Virmani to Star In Canadian Oddball Comedy 'Dr. Cabbie'

Breakaway Film Still-2011
Christos Kalohoridis

The "Breakaway" star headlines the indie feature from Quebec director Jean-Francois Pouliot.

TORONTO – Canadian actor Vinay Virmani (David) is starring in Dr. Cabbie, the oddball theatrical comedy by Quebec director Jean-Francois Pouliot set to shoot in Toronto.

The Canadian indie is produced by Montreal-based Productions Caramel Film.

Dr. Cabbie is based on a script by Virmani, Ron Kennel and Manu Chopra, and portrays a young Indian doctor (Virmani) newly-arrived in Canada and having to work as a taxi driver after being rejected by local medical schools.

While driving the cab, the young doctor treats people he picks up as passengers as part of a mobile clinic.

Producer credits belong to Andre Rouleau, Pauline Dhillon, and Virmani, who had a starring role in Breakaway, a Canadian ice hockey comedy that was co-produced by Akshay Kumar.

Productions Caramel Film’s other comedy credits include the Jay Baruchel-starrer Goon and Starbuck, which is being remade by DreamWorks.