Vince Vaughn Delivers Heartfelt 'Delivery Man' to Hollywood

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Executive producer Scott Mednick tells THR: "The Vince we knew isn't the man he is today."

Hollywood abandoned takeout and opted for a dish of Delivery Man at the film’s world premiere Sunday night at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles.

DreamWorks Pictures rolled out the red carpet for the likes of Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, director Ken Scott and many more at the heartfelt comedy’s Los Angeles screening.

Delivery Man is the story of an affable underachiever, David Wozniak (Vaughn), whose anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 30 years earlier resulted in 533 children. Wozniak embarks on a journey to discover himself and the father he could become. The film is a remake of Scott's 2011 France-Canada movie Starbuck, which starred Patrick Huard.

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“[My role in the film] is so unique. You don’t get an opportunity as an actor to be in a film that goes to such different genres under one roof so seamlessly,” Vaughn told reporters on the red carpet. Known famously for his comedic roles, the funnyman added, “[Delivery Man] is very dramatic, very intense and is very funny. It’s so fun not to have to go and perform one type of tone the whole film.”

The consensus amongst Delivery Man actors and creators about the film’s storyline is harmonious: an equal balance of both humor and sensitivity. “It’s not often that you can laugh and also be touched by a film. When I first wanted to make this movie and brought it to DreamWorks, I knew they would understand because Steven Spielberg has had that ability to make all kinds of films," executive producer Scott Mednick told The Hollywood Reporter. “This is truly a unique film when you’re really talking about big laughs and big heart.”

Per Spielberg's recommendation, Mednick, producer Andre Rouleau and director Scott sat down with Vaughn to propose he play the lead role. “We realized that the Vince we knew isn’t the man he is today. He has children; he’s an adult; he understood this on a whole new level. We put our trust in him and it was returned hundredfold. He’s brilliant in this movie," Mednick said.

While audiences expect to see the notoriously humorous Vaughn crack a few quips (and he does), comedic lovers are introduced to the rarely exposed paternal and protective side of the lead actor.

The married father of two also discussed working with Scott again on Business Trip, due out next year. “It’s kind of similar in a way where it’s comedic, but it definitely is very mature and dramatic and I would say not polite, as well,” Vaughn said.

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Leading lady Smulders relayed that a storyline is both what she examines first and draws her to a project, which was the case for Delivery Man. “I really liked that my character was one of the big catalysts for David in this movie, for him to change to become the man that he’s always hoped he would be.” She added, “To be a part of something like this that’s so beautiful, I feel it relates so much to my life being a parent.”

Though fellow co-star Pratt plays the role of a single father of four, Brett -- who advises Wozniak against having children -- the actor feels differently about his personal life with wife Faris: “I want to have a bunch of kids. I’ll just have as many as I can, but probably not 500.” Pratt, Smulders and Vaughn each have children of their own, which allowed them to tap into personal experiences and emotions to deliver each character's connection to them.

“As an actor, the best thing you have is your imagination,” Vaughn said. “That being said, I think being a new father definitely cracked me open in a way that made it pretty easy to assess those feelings.”

Delivery Man opens in theaters Nov. 22, 2013.