Vincent Bal's 'Zigzag Kid' Wins European Young Audience Award

Zigzag Kid H

A jury of some 600 kids in nine European cities voted for the second-annual honor.

COLOGNE, Germany – Over 600 budding European film fans picked Vincent Bal's adventure tale The Zig Zag Kid the winner of this year's European Film Academy's Young Audience Award.

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The jury of 12-to-14-year-old filmgoers from cities in Germany, Poland, the U.K., Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia and Malta, voted on the second-annual Young Audience honor, picking Zig Zag Kid from a group of three finalists.

The drama, in which a 13-year-old Jewish boy teams up with a master-burglar to commit crimes together, is the second Dutch film to win the Young Audience Award, following last year's inaugural win for Boudewijn Koole's Kauwboy.