#SocialGathering: Vincent Gallo's Another Man Essay, Explained

Vincent Gallo - 2015 Ringo Starr's Birthday Fan Gathering - Getty - H 2018
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If you love Kanye West's tweets, you'll love this open letter.

On Tuesday, Another Man magazine published an unfiltered, unedited essay by filmmaker, artist, actor and Saint Laurent model Vincent Gallo that has social media users riled up.

Impeccably styled by Katy England, Gallo surfaces to sound off on his 2003 film The Brown Bunny, former co-stars, Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan. Gallo is known for making inflammatory remarks that elicit a strong response, and Twitter users lit up to the lad mag's open letter.

“My name is Vincent Gallo. If you by chance know who I am, I hope that you don’t feel any negativity towards me. I don’t like to be called Vince. Please call me Vincent, Gallo, Vinnie Gallo, or Mister. Those are your choices,” he writes.

After going into his upbringing, he tackles Brown Bunny, the 2003 indie he starred in with Chloe Sevigny, which film critic Roger Ebert called "the worst film he's seen in the history of the [Cannes Film] festival."

"Some people wait for the blow job scene in The Brown Bunny the way I waited to get to the lake when I was a child," Gallo writes.

If you haven't seen it, Sevigny performs fellatio on Gallo in the film, which caused a scandal when it premiered at conservative Cannes, sparking conversations about the line between filmmaking and pornography.

"The Brown Bunny is not an attack on feminism or a sexist comment on the contemporary woman’s increased demand for sexual fulfillment. Instead it is simply a reminder of the corrupted nature of men when having contact with a less than sober woman," Gallo continued.

This is the area that upset Twitter users — this and the decidedly unfeminist leanings of Gallo. On his personal website, VGMerchandise.com, “natural born females” can hire Gallo as an escort for $50,000, plus expenses. Lesbian couples, extended weekends and special requests cost extra. If that isn’t strange and vulgar enough, for $1 million, his sperm is also for sale. (His surname does not come with it.)

In his letter, he goes on to talk about Sevigny.

“Chloe Sevigny was never my girlfriend and for several years before filming The Brown Bunny we were less than friends and had no contact whatsoever. After filming The Brown Bunny I did not see her or talk to her until Cannes 2003 and then not again until the New York premiere in 2004 ... I still feel something strong for her.”

Sevigny told The Guardian in 2010 that she has “no regrets” about The Brown Bunny. In a follow-up interview in 2016, she revealed, “Vincent is very good at whipping up hysteria. He enjoys all that, but it was not so much fun for me. Not fun when it was happening and still not so fun now. Really not.”

Christina Ricci, another former co-star of Gallo's, is also mentioned.

"Christina Ricci was my friend during the filming of Buffalo 66 and working with her made sense and felt natural. I don’t think she likes the finished film much. During the film’s release she didn’t do much to support it … Without Christina’s strong support, things were much harder regarding the release of Buffalo 66 … Christina and I have not spoken since."

Then it's on to former "It" girl Cory Kennedy, notorious L.A. party girl of the early aughts who, from 2005-2007 was the girlfriend of Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter. Gallo was famously quoted in "Page Six" saying, "Cory's a great kid, I'm proud to be her daddy." Kennedy responded in Paper magazine: "I think my dad is funny, also."

"I never dated Corey Kennedy, never kissed her, never touched her. I didn’t even like her much and she smelled funny. I barely knew her. She and her boyfriend approached me once and asked me to take a picture with her. He was a blogger and they were both opportunists."

Gallo wraps up his letter by suggesting that he, too, is a victim of Harvey Weinstein, as well as Rose McGowan.

"What if, instead of taking a $100,000 payoff to remain silent, Rose McGowan filed charges against Harvey Weinstein at the time of her incident? How many future incidents would she have prevented?"

Read the rest of Gallo's bonkers essay here.