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Chief concerns at NBC Uni TV

The rumor mill has gone into overdrive in the past week with speculation that Angela Bromstad might be exiting her post as president of NBC Universal Television Studio. The speculation additionally was fueled by the fact that Bromstad, whose studio produces such hits as NBC's "Heroes" and "The Office" and Fox's "House," had not been in the office much lately. This week, she is on a planned family trip for spring break. Sources at NBC stressed that Bromstad had been visiting the sets of New York-based pilots, including "Mayor of New York" and "Lipstick Jungle," and that she is still in contract negotiations and expected to stay at NBC Universal. Ever since NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly ended the speculation about his own future at the network with a new deal at the beginning of the month, the attention shifted to Bromstad, whose contract also is up. Rumors about clashes on creative matters between Reilly and Bromstad have been circulating for months. Sources said Reilly had been looking to take oversight of the studio, but the recently announced new top management structure at NBC Universal TV's division has Reilly and Bromstad reporting to Marc Graboff, president of NBC Uni Television, West Coast. It was understood at the time of the announcement of Reilly's deal that Bromstad had been in discussions to stay on as president of NBC Uni TV or move up to a bigger position within the company. Meanwhile, widely circulated speculation has NBC executive vp Katherine Pope taking over NBC Uni TV if Bromstad exits. (Nellie Andreeva)
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