Vine Stars Pay One Last Tribute as Twitter Shuts Down Video App

Amanda Friedman
Andrew Bachelor rose to fame on Vine using the name KingBach.

Vine is turning into a camera app that will post six-second videos to Twitter.

Twitter has officially pulled the plug on video-sharing app Vine.

The app, once a social network for making and sharing six-second videos, is being converted into a camera app. That means people can still make Vine's signature looping videos, but will have to share them on Twitter.

Twitter, which bought Vine in 2012 before it had even launched, announced in October that it would be shutting the app down. For many social media stars, the news promised to deal a significant blow to their online followings. Many young comedians, actors and singers — including Andrew Bachelor, Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes — got their start on Vine, though most have since moved to other platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

In December, after speculation that Twitter could sell Vine, the company announced in a blog post that it would live on as a camera app that is stripped of all its social media functions.

Tuesday is the final day for Vine account holders to download the videos they made through the app. The website,, remains up for now.

Many social media creators are paying tribute to the app on its final day.