Viola Davis and Emma Stone Both Wear White at Essence Pre-Oscar Party

Viola Davis and Emma Stone

No doubt, the two "Help" stars did not coordinate their looks, but both showed up in bright white to one of the week's many parties leading up to the Academy Awards.

It would be easy to think that actresses sometime coordinate their looks. But the fact is, they don't have any time to -- and their stylists don't know what their friends or co-stars are wearing, unless it's to a show as mega as the Oscars, which they tend to discuss when finalizing choices. So it's a complete accident that both Viola Davis and Emma Stone wore crystal clean white dresses to the same lunch this week. So take it as trend announcement -- white's always a big spring trend -- but also take it that white is very flattering. And it's a good tone to be photographed in.

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Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, our go-to fashion expert, told THR at a Maidenform lingerie breakfast at The Soho House on Friday morning that the reason white looks good on everyone is that the light it refracts and reflects makes everyone look younger. Oh, okay -- NOW we get it! So what if white is total high maintenance? But stars don't worry about dry cleaning bills, do they?

Davis' white look is a Victoria Beckham dress, and we have to say, minus one of the ubiquitous wigs she's been donning, she actually looks really terrific. And yes, younger. Has she been working out or are our eyes deceiving us? Stone always looks wonderful; she can barely make a wrong fashion step but this Elie Saab dress with tight bodice and full skirt is particularly charming and youthful, at the Essence Magazine lunch this week they both attended. Interesting to see women of two different ages, bodies and skin tones wear the same hue and both look so right in it. 

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