Viola Davis: 'I'm Not a Glamour Girl!'

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The actress laughs off her newly glamorous image on the red carpet.

Viola Davis, who wore a very chic and flattering neon pink J.C. Obando silk halter dress to the Oscar nominees lunch, says she does not bring the red carpet home.

"I'm telling you, I have to keep it up for you people!" she giggled in response to reporters at Monday's event who asked about her recent high-glamour wardrobe on the red carpet. (See: Davis' Marchesa number at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.)

"If you guys could see me at home, in my corn rows! I fear the paparazzi will come into my backyard with a long lens. I am NOT a glam woman. This is a mask I put on for the public."

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It might be a mask, but it's a good one. Davis's dresses and hairstyles - particularly at the SAGs - keep upping the last ones. 

Davis also told the story of how she lost her hair at age 28. "I was on Broadway," she confided. "I was so stressed out by reviews, that I got bald spots - my head began to feel like a baby's butt. I had alopecia. Now at 46, I've let so much of that go. You have to define joy and happiness for yourself. Now I've got my hair back!"

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