Viola Davis and Jimmy Fallon Play "Best Friends Challenge"

Viola Davis and Jimmy Fallon — H 2016

The actress tries to guess what Fallon's superpower would be.

Jimmy Fallon played a friendly game with Viola Davis on Wednesday.

The host brought out his "best friends box" for the Best Friends Challenge, a spin on the Newlywed Game. Davis picked out a question first, asking Fallon what his superpower would be if he were a superhero.

Fallon chose flying, while Davis got a little more creative with what she thought his answer would be: "the ability to change my underwear without touching them."

Next up, Fallon tried to guess Davis' favorite Christmas movie, and then Davis had to ascertain what Fallon's name would be if he were a woman. 

Fallon chose the name Jim-aica. "I'm just going to say it," Davis said, laughing. "That's a black girl's name."