'Violent' turn for slasher veterans

Andy Gould, Malek Akkad, Jeffrey Allard team for pic

A group of horror veterans are getting violent.

Andy Gould and Malek Akkad, who produced Dimension's 2007 "Halloween" revival, and Jeffrey Allard, who exec produced New Line's two "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" reboots, are teaming up with Michael Ferris Gibson for "The Violent Kind."

They are joined by fellow producer Jeremy Platt and exec producer K'Dee Miller on the indie-financed feature, which revolves around a group of young bikers who find themselves tormented by mysterious and gory goings-on in a secluded farmhouse.

The principals summarize the film as centering on a "party (that) quickly turns wild with a typical biker mix of booze, drugs and strippers but shifts into something the likes of nothing they have ever known," including "mysterious figures glimpsed amongst the woods, ominous sounds heard and friends found injured."

Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, known professionally as the Butcher Brothers, are directing from a script they wrote. The pair helmed the cult hit "The Hamiltons," about a group of siblings who turn murderous after their parents are killed, which Lionsgate released in 2006.

The Butcher Brothers are reuniting a host of actors who starred in "Hamiltons," including Cory Knauf and Joseph McKelheer, for "Violent. They also have cast "Heroes" co-star Taylor Cole. Filming begins this month in Northern California.