Violet Grey Could Bring Prestige Beauty to (Report)

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Cassandra Grey

If you can't beat 'em ...

Violet Grey, the luxe L.A. beauty emporium owned by Cassandra Grey, has reportedly forged a partnership with Amazon to begin selling a curated selection of its products on the e-commerce site. 

According to WWD, which first broke the news, Violet Grey will receive a commission of between 20 percent and 30 percent of sales. Representatives for Violet Grey and Amazon did not return The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment. 

“I cannot confirm a special relationship with Amazon apart from the fact that I have enormous respect for the company and view the platform as one of the only five distribution partners that matter for digital content producers,” founder Cassandra Grey, the widow of former Paramount chief Brad Grey who died in May, told the trade earlier this week. 

The specific products that will be made available on Amazon were not mentioned; however, some of Violet Grey's current top-sellers are from Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior and Dr. Barbara Sturm, all brands not currently being sold directly on Amazon.

Amazon has been courting luxury lines for quite some time now; however, many have declined the retailer's offers because Amazon still doesn't have quite the prestige reputation that is befitting of a top-tier fashion brand. (Most recently, Birkenstock's CEO wrote a scathing letter to partners selling its comfort-chic shoes to the online retail behemoth against Birkenstock's wishes. The German shoe maker wants nothing to do with Amazon, as the site both doesn't fall in line with the brand's image and reportedly hasn't done enough to fight counterfeit Birkenstocks being sold on the platform.)

The Seattle-based company has been hoping to up its fashion cred by taking an editorial approach to marketing its products — both for third-party and in-house brands — and a partnership with Violet Grey, which also publishes original, slick and star-studded content on The Violet Files, could help cultivate a luxury-friendly reputation for the site. Not to mention, Grey's own relationships with Hollywood tastemakers — many with thousands of followers who trust their industry-approved opinions — could be an added asset. 

With the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon is definitely tapping into a tier of customers willing to shell out a bit more for fashion, beauty and wellness items. Even Nike is coming around after years of avoiding the retailer; in June, it was reported that the sportswear giant had signed a wholesale deal with Amazon so as to have more control over the presentation of its products, as opposed to leaving the marketing up to third parties selling to Amazon indirectly.

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