Viral BBC Interview Spoof Shows How a Working Mother Would Have Reacted

Screengrab from 'Jono and Ben'

The parody has racked up over 33 million views on its Facebook page and has over 9 million views on YouTube.

The viral BBC interview of a father being interrupted by his kids has now been made into a parody, except this time with a working woman as the lead. New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben showed what a working mother would have to do if placed in the same situation.

In the original video, the father, Robert Kelly, is giving a live Skype interview when his kids walk into the room and steal the show. Kelly's wife, Kim Jung-A, later comes through the door and pulls the kids out of the room while the live interview is still happening.

In the spoof, the woman's interview is shown being interrupted by a little girl wearing a yellow sweater and pink glasses — similar to the outfit of the one who steals the show in the original video — while a baby also later rolls in on a walker.

When the kids come into the room, the woman feeds them, plays with them and checks on dinner. Then her husband walks in, only to ask her where his other sock is. The woman even defuses a bomb while being interviewed.

"You do look rather busy there. We can reschedule," says the interviewer.

The parody has racked up over 33 million views on Facebook and has over 9 million views on YouTube. "Shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!" Jono and Ben posted on their Facebook page with the video. BBC even commented on the video post, "She's welcome on air any time."

Watch the video below.

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