Viral 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Redeems Himself on 'Ellen'

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

After failing to choose the right letter on the game show, Nick Haas played a fill-in-the-blank game with Ellen DeGeneres that resulted in him winning $5,000.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant whose appearance on the show went viral after failing to fill in the correct (and what most people viewed as the obvious) letter choice, got a second chance at victory courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, which resulted in him winning $5,000.

Kevin Haas appeared on Ellen this week, where he explained why he didn't correctly guess the missing letter from A Streetcar Named Desire, the Tennessee Williams play turned classic film starring Marlon Brando. With the letters "A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE" already filled out, Haas choose the letter "K" rather than "M."

"Did that make sense to you? 'A Streetcar Naked Desire'?" DeGeneres asked. "Now it doesn't," Haas replied. "I chose one of the two options in the English dictionary and I chose 'naked.'" Haas' wife, who was in the audience, said that she didn't know the answer either.

Haas later had his moment of redemption after playing a fill-in-the-blank game with DeGeneres that won him $5,000 in cash.

Watch the contestant's appearance on Ellen below.

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