Virtual Digital Locker Service UltraViolet Coming to the U.K. with Warner Bros, Sony and Fox Backing

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. to debut on service with "Final Destination 5."

LONDON – Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox are providing studio muscle and content for the U.K. launch of UltraViolet, an home entertainment service offering consumers a digital locker of films and TV shows they can watch on any device.

Dubbed UltraViolet the service is backed by a host of companies including LoveFilm, satcaster BSkyB and retail giant Tesco as well as cell handset manufacturers including Nokia and Samsung in the U.K.

The claim is that Ultraviolet’s open system makes it more accessible and desirable for consumers compared to more restricted services offered by Apple and Disney.

Consumers buying a DVD or Blu-ray copy of a title will get a code to use to download or stream a digital version of the film or TV show and build up a virtual locker.

Warner Bros is planning the launch of its first UltraViolet (UV) enabled title in the U.K. – Final Destination 5 – on DVD, Blu-Ray & Triple Play on December 26th 2011.

Other titles to follow for the studio include Happy Feet 2 and The Dark Knight Rises.

Warner Bros Television and Digital Distribution U.K., svp and managing director Chris Law said: "We are offering consumers a simple and more compelling way to purchase, manage, access and share their movie collections digitally."

Ultaviolet aims to be a complimentary digital service to existing video-on-demand offerings.

Tesco, the world's No.3 retailer, and British video-on-demand firm blinkbox, last week launched a bundled DVD and online copy of the movie to own to the retailer’s loyalty card holders (HR 12/01/2011).

The retail giant, a partner in DECE, said that service is complimentary with UV which it intends to launch next year.