Virtual Reality Studio Felix & Paul Taps New Regency's Ryan Horrigan (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Felix & Paul Studios
Ryan Horrigan

The former film executive will serve as chief content officer at the virtual reality company.

Virtual reality company Felix & Paul Studios is expanding its Hollywood presence with its first Los Angeles-based executive. 

The studio behind such VR projects as Wild: The Experience and Lebron James: Striving for Greatness has tapped former New Regency executive Ryan Horrigan as its first chief content officer. 

Horrigan, who served as a senior development and production executive on projects including 12 Years a Slave at the production company that was also behind The Revenant and Birdman, will remain based out of Los Angeles and will build out an office there for the Montreal-based company. 

"I'm really excited about the medium and getting in from the ground up," says Horrigan, who began with Felix & Paul in January. "I want to be there to find out what is the language of storytelling in VR."

Felix & Paul, founded by filmmakers Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael in 2014, has established itself in a small but growing field of creators exploring live-action storytelling in virtual reality. They have developed their own 360-degree camera, audio recording technology and editing software. Last year, they signed a multi-project deal with Facebook-owned VR headset maker Oculus to develop content for the platform. 

Up to this point, FPS has focused primarily on documentary-style projects. In one video, for example, the viewer sits in the center of a tent that also serves as a home to nomadic yak farmers in Mongolia. But Horrigan says that the studio is looking to broaden its range of work to include scripted projects, concerts and talk shows. A big part of his role will be overseeing future content partnerships with filmmakers and leading the company's development strategy. 

Given Horrigan's background in feature films, he says he also will help FPS explore ways to tell cinematic stories through VR, although he acknowledges that an entire industry of VR storytellers is still experimenting with how to tell a scripted story in a 360-degree environment. "It's absolutely a priority for us," he says. "We're looking to find what is our House of Cards or Mad Men or Sopranos, but we're trying to do that for an entirely new medium. Someone is going to do it. We'd like that to be us."

Felix & Paul Studios is repped by Verve.