'Visitor' knocks on more doors

'Deal' likely to fold early

Despite all the focus on summer's looming tentpoles, a couple of recent art house releases bear watching.

"The Visitor," a funny drama that TV types would dub dramedy, is directed by Thomas McCarthy, an actor best known for his role as an ethically challenged reporter on HBO's "The Wire." His only previous feature-helming credit was the art house hit "The Station Agent."

The Overture film has been doing solid business as the distributor adds theaters and markets, drafting off of positive reviews and word-of-mouth. "Visitor" travels north of 125 playdates after adding about 50 playdates Friday.

Elsewhere, IDP unspooled Samuel Goldwyn's "Roman de gare" in just a pair of New York venues last weekend, fetching more than $12,000 per engagement and boding well for the thriller's expansion into five new markets today and May 9 in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, some films get limited runs simply to fulfill contractual commitments before a quick trip to a DVD release. MGM's critically panned "Deal" was in 51 theaters last weekend, but it's hard to see the Burt Reynolds poker film being platformed significantly during future frames.