Vittorio Cecchi Gori released from custody

Oscar-winning producer has Dec. 5 court date

ROME -- Beleaguered Oscar-winning Italian producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori was released from custody Tuesday after four months in prison and under house arrest for falsifying bankruptcy.

The producer behind three Oscar-winning films, including three-time winner "Life Is Beautiful," was arrested in June, attracting headlines in Italy and sympathy from leading industry figures. A Rome judge set his court date for Dec. 5.

Cecchi Gori, who became seriously ill in prison and was allowed to switch to house arrest in his spacious Palazzo Borghese apartment, maintains his innocence.

Although Cecchi Gori's pace of film production slowed as his legal troubles mounted in recent years, he co-produced this year's hit film "Scusa se ti chiamo amore" (Sorry If I Call You Love). He also is one of the producers behind "Everybody's Fine," a Kirk Jones adventure comedy starring Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore based on a 1990 Guiseppe Tornatore film. The film is scheduled to be released early next year.