Vivenne Westwood Presents Style Award to Emma Watson, But Has No Idea Who She Is

The British designer says she's never seen the "Harry Potter" movies but knew the wizard "had a girlfriend called Hermione," whom Watson played.

Emma Watson might be one of the most recognizable young actresses around the world thanks to her role in the Harry Potter movies, but fashion designer Vivienne Watson had no idea she was -- until presenting her with an Elle Style Icon Award earlier this week.

In introducing Watson, Westwood upon being asked to present the award, her first reaction was, "Who's Emma Watson?"

"I was supposed to welcome and to announce the winner of the Style Icon -- which I am going to do -- and I was given a whole text about this woman and how amazing she is ... and anyway so I was very busy, 'Emma Watson, who's Emma Watson?'" the designer said. (Incidently, both Westwood and Watson are British.)

By way of explanation, Westwood said she doesn't keep up with pop culture.

"You know I never watch television, I go to the cinema maybe once a year, don't read any fashion magazines, I come here to find out who's who. And so they said to me, well she used to be in Harry Potter."

Westwood said she's never see any of the Potter movies but "I did know he had this girlfriend called Hermione and I said, oh yeah I'll do it. She's really lovely. Of course I'll come and do it."

Watson seemed to take it all in stride, laughing and smiling during the introduction. Watch a clip below.