Vivienne Westwood Elaborates on Her "Eat Less" Suggestion

AP Images

She explains what she really meant during her BBC Radio 5 interview

Known for being a major advocate of sustainability and vegetarianism, Vivienne Westwood is facing some backlash for her remarks on how people can live a healthier lifestyle during an interview with BBC Radio 5 on Wednesday.

When the red-carpet designer was told not everyone could afford to buy organic food, she simply responded: "Eat less!"

"You've got all these processed foods, which is the main reason people are getting fat," said Westwood. "They're not actually good for you — they don't give you strength; they give you weight."

Following her interview, the designer faced criticism for her suggestion and has since issued a statement to clear up any confusion.

"I'm deeply upset if anyone would think I don't care about starving people or don't understand the terrible situation some people are in, quite the opposite," she told The Independent. "I have spent years campaigning for social and human rights issues."

She added: "My comments were related to eating less meat. People are eating far too much factory-farmed meat and junk food, which is bad for you and not providing the nutrients you need. You can source good food and organic farmed meat for less."

And there you go, folks.