Vivienne Westwood Aids WikiLeaks With 'I Am Julian Assange' T-Shirts (Poll)

Vivienne Westwood Shirt - P 2012

The always controversial British designer plans to donate all proceeds from her shirt sales to fund WikiLeaks' work.

British designer Vivienne Westwood has never been tight-lipped about her political and social views. She supports Oxfam, PETA, Cool Earth, Greenpeace, among others. Now she’s now created a T-shirt in support of  controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

The designer posted a photo of herself wearing the Assange shirt on her blog, after her recent visit to see the Assange, who is hunkered down at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange sought diplomatic asylum at the embassy in June 2012.

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A European arrest warrant is out for Assange and the author-journalist is trying to avoiding extradition to Sweden, where police are waiting to question him over a sexual assault investigation.

The "I'm Julian Assange" unisex T-shirt features a picture of Westwood on the front, and will be sold via the designer's official website for £40, which is about $65. The shirts will go on sale Saturday, Nov 3. Westwood's shirt mimics the masked supporters of Assange who carry signs that read "I'm Julian" when they protest outside the embassy.

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The activist/designer has promoted the line on her blog on the active resistance website, writing: "T-shirts for Julian: you can show your support of a real hero by going to Donations to WikiLeaks have been blocked but 100 percent of T-shirt profits can help fund their work."

Assange released a video on Oct. 25 comparing his life in the embassy to living on a space station, adding, "There's no natural light. You have got to make all your own stuff. You can't go out to the shops. But I've been in solitary confinement. I know what life is like for prisoners - it's a lot better than it is for prisoners."

That same day, WikiLeaks began publishing what it claims are U.S. Defense Department films about military detention in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, according to Reuters.

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At her London Spring 2013 show in September, Westwood also got politically involved, casting herself as a "Climate Warrior" and walked the runway wearing a ragged shirt, platform boots, men's shorts and a pirates moustache with a black circle around one eye. She refused to comment on her collection, and even advised women not to buy more clothing, including her own.

“I can’t talk about fashion, she told The Daily Mail in a video. I’m too preoccupied with using it as a vehicle for talking about climate change, which is an incredible danger. Everybody who’s eco-conscious is fighting the revolution and of course we need to get more people involved, to pressure the governments, to sort this out, because we have to sort this out.”

Tell us: Will you buy the "I'm Julian Assange" Westwood T?