Stars Slick Back Their Hair for VMAs

AP Images
Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato

Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and more went with the wet look.

Justin Bieber may have had the most interesting hairstyle of the night, but there was another trend happening in the mane department: brushed-back locks, sans part.

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Demi Lovato turned up looking like she’d just gone for a dip in a pool — which she probably wishes she had, considering the sweltering temperatures in L.A. The shiny, wet texture of her hair worked with the slick plastic disks of her Nicolas Jebran Couture pink dress.


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Kim Kardashian also went wet, though her locks were perfectly smooth, not a comb mark or flyaway in sight. Gigi Hadid’s part-free look was dry and much more voluminous — along with her deep tan, it gave off a slight Orange County housewife vibe.

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Girl Code’s Nessa also wore her hair back, with a slight pompadour. Jared Leto got in on the trend, too, with his pomegranate — ahem, pink — locks.