VMAs 2015: 10 Reasons Why We Think Justin Bieber Really Cried

Maybe his Calvins are just too tight?

Following his performance at the VMAs on Sunday evening, Justin Bieber appeared to break down in tears as he was lowered to the ground from his ceiling harness. Many speculate that Bieber's raw emotion was an overwhelming response to his return to the stage after a hiatus, however we would like to disagree. 
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Here, we theorize the real reason for the Biebs' breakdown: 
1. He misses his monkey.
2. Kate Gosselin's hair looks nicer than his
3. His Calvins are too tight
4. He still can't figure out what you mean.
5. Jared Leto wore it better
6. He's afraid of heights.
7. Kanye West is running for president.
8. Miley Cyrus made moves on him.  
9. By the looks of her smile, her outfit and her new group of girlfriends, it looks like Selena Gomez is over him.
10. His balls were pinched by the harness we wore while flying over the VMAs stage.
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