VMAs: Lorde Performs, Without Singing, While Recovering From the Flu

Despite being ill, the Grammy Award-winning artist gave a voiceless performance at the VMAs.

Before performing hit single "Homemade Dynamite" at this year's MTV VMAs, Lorde made it known via Twitter that she was recovering from the flu, ultimately explaining her silent performance later during the show.

The New Zealand-born artist claimed that although she may not look it, "I have the flu so bad I needed an IV." She even referred to herself as a #cutelilproppedupcorpse.

But the show must go on! The singer appeared on the VMA stage in a shimmering foil-esque outfit, as she frolicked around accompanied by several backup dancers.

Although she didn't sing a word, Lorde still seemed to be bursting with energy throughout the dance number. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users reacted immediately to the unorthodox performance, joking that artist Sia should put Lorde's unique moves in her next music video.