VOD in demand at Lionsgate


NEW YORK -- Lionsgate's Michael Burns touted VOD as "the big play" at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia confab Tuesday.

"On VOD, we're getting pretty close to 10% of boxoffice net back to us, and as you roll that out across the country, you can see where that would be a very significant contributor because we don't have inventory risk and we don't have duplication costs," the company's vice chairman said.

Lionsgate expects film ticket sales to approach $400 million this year despite a cold streak of recent movies that "didn't do particularly well."

As for TV, it's "a great performer" for the studio: "We expect this business to be approaching $200 million this year," Burns added. Most prestigious show right now: AMC's "Mad Men," which is expected to get picked up again shortly.
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