THR's Adam Levine Cover: One Interview, Seven F---s and Plenty of Opinions

Adam Levine Black and White Portrait - P 2013
Ruven Afanador

Adam Levine Black and White Portrait - P 2013

The Maroon 5 frontman and face of NBC's "The Voice" packed a lot of profanity into his short sitdown with THR.

In his cover story interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine showcased his brand of cocky yet self-deprecating charm and shared details on landing his gig on NBC's The Voice.

Levine also showcased his flair for language, and expletives in particular. Below are highlights from Levine's profanity-heavy sitdown.

On reality television:

"It's just a bunch of f--ing assholes who are fame whores," he says without naming names.

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On if he’s won over fans of The Voice:

“The bar is f---ing low; if you have half a brain, they think you're amazing. So I have that going for me," he jokes.

On the secret to his success:

"I don't lie, and that's unusual in a world of media-obsessed, media-trained f--ing liars who will sit here with you and totally bullshit you to further their own careers."

On playing live with Maroon 5:

“You get onstage and perform in front of 10,000 people, and if you f--- up, it's your ass.”

On starring opposite Keira Knightley in Once director John Carney’s next movie, Can A Song Save Your Life?

“I saw it the other day, and I was surprised at how not shitty I was.”

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On what critics will say about his foray into acting:

"They'll probably say that I'm a better actor than I am a singer or something," he jokes of the critics who haven't always been kind to him. "They'll find some way to f--- me with something negative."

On succeeding as a novice actor:

"I'm the director's bitch.”

On why he’s invested his time in creating his own fragrance:

"If you're going to get paid to do this ridiculous shit, you've got to put f---ing effort into it."

On signing on as a Proactiv’s spokesperson:

“I suffered acutely from acne, so I was like, ‘F--- it, I’ll do it.’”