'The Voice's' TV Format Sings its Way to Euro Success

The Voice December 10th - H 2012

The Voice December 10th - H 2012

Endemol's "Money Drop" and "Come Dine With Me" herald success while "X Factor" format falls down listings.

LONDON –  The reality TV format The Voice landed in Europe's top five format in 2012, singing its way to fifth spot in terms of value created for the broadcasters and third spot in the broadcast hours corralled last year.

According to research, TV Formats In Europe, the reality singing format from Talpa created $126.9 million in value across European territories including Germany, France and the U.K.

But that figure was beaten by the Europe's number one format, Endemol's Money Drop, which generated $213.4 million despite it only garnering 833 broadcast hours and fourth spot in the table of broadcast hours leaders.

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Money Drop pushed ITV Studio's Come Dine With Me into second place with a value tally of $194.6 million, while Endemol's Deal or No Deal with $129.1 million and BBC Worldwide's Dancing With The Stars with £127.7 million came third and fourth respectively.

According to the 172- page report that covers 16 territories, Come Dine With Me was the broadcast hours winner with 5,006 with Endemol's Big Brother (957 hours) came second. Deal or No Deal came in fifth with 810 hours.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was the top title in both 2009 and 2010, but had dropped to ninth in 2012.

Michael Cluff, co-author and director at research banner Madigan Cluff said: "The value created by the top 100 formats was $2.75 billion in 2012 for the 84 European channels across the 16 territories covered in this report. The 2012 figure was 5.3 per cent up on the 2011 total and 20.1 per cent up on 2009. Correspondingly, the number of hours broadcast reached 26,235 in 2012, up by 27.5 per cent on 2009."

Jonathan Bailey, co-author and managing director of research group ETS, noted that Come Dine with Me was the most screened format in 2012 "by some distance, with its total number of hours rising over the last three years." Bailey added, "The hourly total of Endemol’s Big Brother fell considerably in 2010 and 2011, but made a slight comeback in 2012."

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Bailey also noted that both Deal or No Deal and X Factor "are declining. However, relative newcomers The Voice, Money Drop and Still Standing are showing strong growth."

The research shows that the top three distributors accounted for half of the format hours screened in 2012.

ITV Studios (5,425 hours) is the largest distributor by hours, mainly due to Come Dine with Me.

FremantleMedia (3,316 hours and supplier of 13 titles in the top 100) and Endemol (4,231 hours and 12 titles) follow.

However, Endemol ($711 million – 26 percent of the total) was the leading distributor by value created in 2012, followed by FremantleMedia ($456 million or 17 per cent).

ITV was third, with 10 per cent of the total.

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Together the three distributors combined took 53 per cent of the total value created.

The values in the report are the financial benefit (sourced by activities such as advertising revenues or a proportion of annual household license fee income) that broadcasters receive from screening these formats.