The Decade’s Best-Loved Films and TV Shows? You Decide (Poll)

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Vote for the best titles created over the last decade.

If you've received an invitation to take this poll, it’s because there’s a good chance you work in the entertainment business. And that’s the point of this survey — to discover what films and TV shows created over the last decade are the most beloved by the very people who helped create them.

We tried to make the lists of choices extensive but still nimble enough to scroll through in a minute or two. On the film side, we included all the Oscar-nominated movies between 2010 and today, the top box office hits of each year and the most critically praised pictures, along with a few others that popped in the zeitgeist. For TV, we’ve listed shows that were in production over the past 10 years. But we didn’t include limited series, news or talk shows.

Feel free to choose as many favorites as you’d like. And if for some reason your favorites aren’t listed here, feel free to cast a write-in vote, at

Thanks for participating!

The editors of The Hollywood Reporter