Vote Delayed on U2 Guitarist The Edge's Proposed Malibu Mansions

Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/Getty Images

The music star faces yet another snag in his bid to build five homes along the coastline

The vote on U2 guitarist The Edge's proposed plan to build five Malibu mansions has been delayed.

Citing a lack of notice, the California Coastal Commission postponed its planned consideration Wednesday of his proposal to build five homes and an access road on Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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The vote will now take place no sooner than the group's next meeting in January 2015. Wednesday's proceedings had been announced Sept. 19.

The Irish musician, whose real name is David Evans, has been trying to obtain permits for the mansions since 2006. His housing-development plans were rejected in 2011, due to concerns that the construction would disturb the environment and mar an undeveloped piece of the coastline.

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The current proposal involves a compromise, as the area of development is smaller than Evans initially requested and calls for him to make other ecologically based concessions.