Vote for Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows

Simpsons_Sopranos_Lucy_Scandal_Split - H 2015

Simpsons_Sopranos_Lucy_Scandal_Split - H 2015

From 'Breaking Bad' to 'Seinfeld,' tell us what you think should be part of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows.

What follows is a list of 400 TV shows to help you make your picks for the greatest TV show of all time. There's a chance at least one of your favorites won't be on it. Sorry about that — there are a million shows and only so much Internet. Don't worry, though. You can write in any shows you want on the last page. But we're not including talk shows (we're not forcing you to choose between Letterman and Leno), current affairs programs (sorry, Colbert, Oliver and Stewart) or daytime soaps (All My Children fans are out of luck).

We had to make some tough choices. Now we're asking you to make some tough choices. Your vote will help us put together the first-ever greatest TV show list ranked by members of the entertainment industry (we'll ask you for your profession, as well as some other demographic info, but the survey is totally anonymous). The results will be published in The Hollywood Reporter in September. 

And don't blame us if voting sends you off binge-watching an old favorite.