Vote for Hollywood's Favorite Female Characters

From Princess Leia to Foxy Brown, tell us who you think should top the list in THR's latest survey — Hollywood's Favorite Female Characters.

Mary Richards or Wonder Woman? Buffy or Bridget Jones? If you had to pick your favorite female film or TV characters, who would they be?

Below is a list of about 400 iconic fictional female characters from the screen (we’re not including any characters based on real people). Your job is to choose the ones you love best. You can pick as many, or as few, as you wish, and if we’ve left out any of your favorites feel free to add their names to the write-in survey.

Your votes will help THR put together the first-ever ranked list of Hollywood’s favorite female characters, as picked by members of the industry. The survey is totally anonymous, but we ask that you fill out some basic demographic information, including your profession. The results will be published in the magazine’s Women in Entertainment issue this December.