Vote for Hollywood's Favorite Stars

Take part in THR's latest poll and help decide which actors and actresses make the list of Hollywood's 100 favorite stars.

If you had to pick your favorite stars — the actors and actresses from film and TV you love the most — who would you name? Here’s a list of 500 of Hollywood’s biggest stars from F. Murray Abraham to Catherine Zeta-Jones (we put it in alphabetical order so its easy to follow). You can pick as many, or as few, as you wish, and if we’ve left out any of your favorites feel free to add their names to the write-in survey.

Your vote will help us put together the first-ever list of Hollywood’s favorite stars as chosen by the people who know them best, fellow members of the entertainment industry (we'll ask you for your profession, as well as some other demographic info, but the survey is totally anonymous).

The results will appear in the The Hollywood Reporter’s Oscars issue, out just before this year’s Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 26..