Vox Media Launching New Video Series Focused on Women (Exclusive)

Liz Plank Vox - H

The 24-episode series, "Divided States of Women," is hosted by Liz Plank and slated to debut this month.

After the success of the company's election-focused 2016ish weekly video series, Vox Media is slated to premiere another video series, Divided States of Women, that will focus on "controversial issues that effect every woman in America." Vox Media has already launched a podcast as part of the franchise, and a dedicated digital platform is coming.

The 24-episode video series will debut later this month and will be streamable both on Vox Media's owned-and-operated platforms and on Watchable's online platforms, including Comcast's Xfinity X1 set-top box. The show will be executive produced and hosted by Liz Plank, who hosted 2016ish last year and who co-hosts the Divided States of Women podcast.

"Divided States of Women will shine a light on the voices that aren't always heard, and will delve into big political questions that every woman in America has an opinion about," said Plank, who joined Vox Media from Mic.com early last year and has emerged as something of a new-media political video star.

Marty Moe, the president of Vox Media, said the franchise will be profitable for the company. Vox Media, he said, has additional "television" deals in the pipeline that run the gamut from over-the-top to traditional broadcast. The company's first such deal was for a show on Verizon’s Go90 platform about true crime and sports, called Foul Play.

These deals, Moe said, "will further demonstrate our ambitions, which is to carry our programming across all major television platforms and other programming platforms like podcasting that extend our brands and our properties beyond the website that we're more known for."

Vox Media, like BuzzFeed and other well-funded digital media competitors, has been working on translating the company's voice to a linear television extension. But Moe said he defines a "television" show more broadly than linear broadcasting.

"For us, ultimately, our view is that all television will be distributed over the top and that the internet will be the predominant delivery service for anything from Netflix to linear programming like CNN or TBS," he said.

Moe said that Vox Media sees a market opportunity to produce unscripted programming related to food, home and real estate, politics, policy and culture.