W. Brett Wilson to Host Wannabe Bankroller Reality Show

11 Entertainment gets behind Canadian reality series that sees novice investors stake their life savings on risky ventures.

TORONTO – Former Canadian Dragon’s Den star W. Brett Wilson has resurfaced as host of Risky Business, a new deal-or-no deal reality series for Canadian broadcaster Slice.

The series comes from upstart factual producer 11 Television, which is led by executive producers Jesse Fawcett, Kevin Healey and Chris Hilton, CEO of Essential Media Group and a partner in the venture.

Following his recent departure from Dragon’s Den on the CBC, Wilson said he received a dozen pitches from indie producers for new shows, before settling on Risky Business, well advanced in development and needing a host.

The 13 episode, half-hour reality series will see wannabe investors stake their life savings on risky and exotice ventures, for example, a vintage wine label. “It’s showing people that taking a risk can have a return,” Wilson explained.

In each episode, Wilson guides investors as they choose between rival business pitches from two entrepreneurs, each offering a big return on their investment capital. The catch is the money-making ventures only have one month to show a profit. The novice investors must take a stake in one of the money making or losing ventures, while Wilson invests in the other.

Each episode will end with the audience learning which investment performed, and whether the risk-taking couple goes home with a big windfall or penniless.

Wilson, an experienced investor, gets to spread his risk over 13 episodes and business ventures, while the novice investors now being cast for Risky Business will either win big or lose everything on just one venture.

“I’ll be taking a flyer. But overall, I’ll do just fine,” Wilson ventures.

11 Entertainment is represented by CAA and 3 Arts.