Wacky Real Estate Tales: Tom Cruise Arrived to a Showing in a Car Trunk (and 3 Other True Stories)

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Tom Cruise

Hollywood's top brokers share stories of the craziest things that happened during a showing

This story first appeared in the Oct. 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

"Shelley Winters pulled her muumuu off and dove in the pool. Shelley said that she couldn't buy a house without testing the swimming pool." -- Joyce Rey

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"I was showing Madonna's house to a buyer who wanted a friend to come by and give an opinion. Ten minutes later, a very nondescript car pulled up the drive, the trunk popped open and Tom Cruise jumped out. He introduced himself, and we went in for the tour." -- Barry Peele

"I was showing a client's house, and I was demonstrating how wonderfully tooled the kitchen was. The [potential buyers] opened a drawer, and it was full of weed. -- Billy Rose

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"I walked in on a tech guy who sold his company for $2 billion. It was the morning after [his payday], we were in escrow and the clients were coming to do inspections. He had five girls, butt-naked, in his living room on this fur throw, and they were cuddled up with him like he had just had a Roman orgy." -- Branden Williams