'Waiting' project delayed again


SINGAPORE -- The filming of "Waiting," based on the adaptation of the National Book award-winning novel by Ha Jin, has been delayed once again, this time for the foreseeable future.

Hong Kong director Peter Chan, who was expected to start shooting the film in the new year, possibly with Zhang Ziyi and Takeshi Kaneshiro as stars, now says the project has been pushed "for a couple of years."

"It's something that has been announced, but I'm not going to do it for now," he told The Hollywood Reporter while promoting his latest film in Singapore.

"We've waited six years, so it doesn't matter if we wait for another couple of years," he said. "When I was wrapping 'Warlords,' I thought I really wanted to go into something immediately, but I didn't realize the postproduction of the film would take so long."

"Waiting" first emerged in 2001 with Chow Yun-Fat and Maggie Cheung as the planned stars but did not come to fruition "because of Chinese censorship -- which is now more relaxed -- and (because of) casting problems," Chan said.

Neither Zhang nor Kaneshiro are committed to the project. "We're only in preliminary talks, but they're still the choice I would like to get," Chan said.

"Waiting" tells the story of a dedicated doctor in China's revolutionary army, torn by his love for two women, one belonging to the new China of the Cultural Revolution and the other to the ancient tradition of his family's village. The novel won the 1999 National Book Award for fiction.