Walk of Fame: Russell Crowe


Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe first made Hollywood take notice with his eye-catching turn in "Romper Stomper" (1992) and has captivated audiences with his roles in "L.A. Confidential" (1997), "Gladiator" (2000) and "A Beautiful Mind" (2001). He's reteamed with "Gladiator" director Ridley Scott for his next film, "Robin Hood," opening May 14. Shortly before receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Crowe, also a recording artist and part owner of the Australian rugby league South Sydney Rabbitohs, made time for The Hollywood Reporter's Zorianna Kit from his home base in Australia.

Russell Crowe timeline

THR: Let's put the issue to rest once and for all: In "Robin Hood," tights or no tights?

Russell Crowe: There are no tights in this film. They weren't invented until quite a few hundred years after when the story takes place. We start our story in 1199. Tights don't come into play until the 1600s. I do apologize of those who will be disappointed that there are no tights.

THR: You often play heroes. Is there anything you're afraid of?

Crowe: I used to be fine climbing up things. Now I've got to steel myself for heights. Things like looking out an open window inside a helicopter 1,600 feet up in the air.

THR: On what would you say you are a complete authority?

: My own emotional state. I'm relatively knowledgeable when it comes to my football club. Everything else, I'm comfortable and happy to remain a student on.

: Do you have any bad habits you're currently trying to quit?

: Cigarettes, for sure. (Pause) To tell you the truth, I'm not really trying. What I'm doing is trying to bring it closer to the forefront of my mind every day. Spending too long at the computer is starting to become a big deal. I live in Australia but my businesses are in so many other parts of the world, I tend to spend way too many hours on a daily basis answering e-mails.

: Speaking of computers, do you use Facebook or Twitter?

: I don't, but there are plenty of people who pretend to be me on Facebook and Twitter. I'm thinking of using Twitter when we go out and do press for "Robin Hood." I've been thinking that it might be interesting for people to follow because you're tweeting from country to country and seeing different things every day.

: What should female actors know about you?

Crowe: That I'm a naturally generous person, so don't take it personally. And when I'm working with you, I will be your sword and your shield.