The Eat Sheet: 'Walking Dead' Producer Gale Anne Hurd Takes THR’s Taste Test

The top industry player, who is also the owner of Pasadena’s Vertical Wine Bistro, talks calf’s liver, crocodile and red velvet cupcakes.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd, who got her start as an assistant to beloved schlockmeister Roger Corman and whose blockbuster-heavy resume ranges from The Terminator and Aliens to Armageddon, has run Vertical Wine Bistro in Old Town Pasadena as a passion project since 2008. The restaurant just welcomed a pedigreed new chef, Laurent Quenioux — formerly of Bistro LQ and most recently seen at a series of buzz-generating pop-up dinners at downtown L.A.’s Starry Kitchen. It’s a big month for Hurd, whose hit AMC zombie-apocalypse show The Walking Dead will air its second season finale this Sunday, March 18.



Current Fixation
“Grits with cheese, from spending so much time in Georgia on The Walking Dead.

Known For Cooking
“I make a not-too-terrible omelet.”

Destination Dinner
Restaurant Arzak, a three-star Michelin award-winner in San Sebastian, Spain. Their menu is constantly evolving, and everything Juan Mari and Elena Arzak prepare is truly exceptional. It’s worth the trip to dine there.”

Go-To Take-Out
“Zankou Chicken.”

Adventurous Bite
“Crocodile at Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Calf’s liver. I’m just not a fan of how it tastes.”

Favorite Snack
“SeaSnax Classic Olive roasted seaweed snack. It’s strangely addictive—that’s their tag line, and it’s true.”

Dietary Regimen
“Every now and again I try to stick to the Eat Right For Your (Blood) Type Diet, and fail abysmally.”

Preferred Company
“My husband, writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh, and my daughter, Lolita De Palma.”

Pet Peeve
“Restaurant staff that act as if they’re doing you a favor by waiting on you.”

Big Wish
“I support independent restaurants over chain restaurants, but it’s the chains that seem to be doing stronger business in the recession. I hope the trend reverses.”

Embarrassing Experience
“I asked the server to cut my pizza at Terroni. Apparently that’s a no-no. The manager told me in a very loud voice that I was an adult and therefore fully capable of slicing my own pizza.”

Guilty Pleasure
“Red velvet cupcakes.”

Last Meal
“Parisian pastry chef Pierre Herme’s Death by Chocolate.”