Comic-Con New York: 'Walking Dead' Actors Pick Weapons of Choice to Kill Zombies

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Saturday events also include a "Terra Nova" panel with Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, and a Science Channel session that showed a video message from Ridley Scott about his upcoming series "Prophets of Science Fiction."

NEW YORK - Which weapon would actors of AMC's The Walking Dead use should zombies attack them in real life?

That was one of the audience questions during a panel at New York Comic Con here Saturday with stars and producers of the show that earned a standing ovation from many of the passionate fans in the crowd.

Laurie Holden said she would stick to a gun, while Lauren Cohan said she would use a bladed boomerang. Young star Norman Reedus suggested a flamethrower would be a great weapon, Jon Bernthal said his weapon of choice would be the crossbow that is popular with series fans. And Steven Yeun said he would love to use a bo staff.

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The creators, including Robert Kirkman, who created the comic book series that the show is based on, and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero, said on the panel that they feel the zombies on the show are good to watch and well-received, so they don't plan to use any storylines that would make them smarter or otherwise evolve too much.

Nicotero was also asked if more Walking Dead webisodes could be in the works. Pointing out that they got around 3 million hits online, he said: "People really dugg them, and I hope we'll do more."

Earlier in the day, a Terra Nova panel entertained fans as actors Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang along with executive producer Brannon Braga discussed such things as the challenges of acting scenes with dinosaurs that are added into scenes months later. They also screened this coming Monday's episode of the new Fox series.

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Asked by fans about what is really going on in Terra Nova and what secrets and twists may be revealed on the show, Braga and Lang promised a slow reveal. Braga also hinted that the protagonists of Terra Nova may have a different mission or rationale for being there than it seems at first.

He promised answers to key questions by the end of the 13 episodes of the first season, which ends in December - unlike such dramas as Lost that only provide many answers only at the end. But he added that new mysteries and questions would arise in a potential second season.

Lang was asked about parallels between the show and Avatar, as well as his characters in both projects. "It's a very, very different world Terra Nova and Pandora," he said, even though he added that everyone could take great pride in any comparisons. And to those comparing his characters, he said: "Keep watching!"

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Also at New York Comic Con on Saturday, the Science Channel showed fans a video message from director Ridley Scott.

He said he was busy in the edit room as he is looking to finish his upcoming feature Prometheus, meaning he couldn't come to New York Comic Con in person. Then he briefly touted his upcoming Science series Prophets of Science Fiction, which he hosts and produces. The eight-part series launches Nov. 9 and explores when science fiction becomes fact.

The show, a brief sneak peek of which got a positive reaction from the audience, will explore such great minds of science fiction as Philip K. Dick, George Lucas and Mary Shelley who inspired "science fact."

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