'The Walking Dead's' Chad L. Coleman Goes on Rant on NYC Subway (Video)


"When you record what I said, tell me what the f— you exposed: nothing but the truth," Coleman yelled on the subway.

Chad L. Coleman, who played the character Tyreese on The Walking Dead and Cutty on The Wire, went on a rant on a New York City subway on Friday.

Coleman screamed at passengers on the subway and said, "I wanna know where my humanitarians are!"

The actor openly admitted that he was a character on The Walking Dead and The Wire and that his name is Chad L. Coleman before pacing back and forth on the subway train and yelling, "I'm telling you the truth."

He continued on the profanity-filled rant, exhorting passengers to write or record it: "If you need to write about, if you need to record it, get your phone out. And when you record what I said, tell me what the f you exposed: nothing but the truth."

According to TMZ, Coleman told the outlet that he overheard a man telling a woman on the train, "No, we don't know that n—er," when she asked if he recognized the actor, which spurred the yelling.

"At the end of the day, where is the humanitarian in you?" continued Coleman.

TMZ said that the yelling about "humanitarians" was a reference to the recent events in Baltimore.

On Saturday morning, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple tweeted his support for Coleman. "Being made 2 feel less can set us off in ways we might regret," wrote Gimple. "But asking people where the humanitarian is in them isn't such a bad question."

Video of the incident can be seen below, as can Gimple's tweet.