'Walking' screening stopped in its tracks


Canadian distributor TVA Films canceled a press screening for Kari Skogland's "Fifty Dead Men Walking."

The distributor Friday cited "a print problem" with the film, which is slated to have its world premiere Sept. 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival. But the cancellation came on the same day that the biopic's main subject, former IRA infiltrator Martin McGartland, threatened legal action against the Canada-U.K. co-production to stop the festival bow on grounds that the film infringes his moral rights.

Skogland adapted McGartland's 1998 book to shoot "Walking," which portrays an IRA mole named Marty who provided information to Britain's Special Branch before his cover was blown in 1991.

"The film is an entirely false and distorted account of what took place," McGartland said. (partialdiff)