'WALL-E,' Burtt make sound editors' cut


"WALL-E" beeped and buzzed its way to a win at the 2009 Golden Reel Awards, given Saturday by the Motion Picture Sound Editors at the Westin Bonaventure.

The animated feature, directed by Andrew Stanton, took the prize for best sound editing — sound effects, foley, dialogue and ADR animation — in a feature film.

George Lucas presented the MPSE Career Achievement Award to "WALL-E" sound designer Ben Burtt, who also voiced R2-D2 in "Star Wars."

The unsinkable "Slumdog Millionaire" wasn't overlooked, though: It earned the trophy for best sound editing in a foreign feature.

While the sound editors spread their awards among numerous films and television shows, "The Dark Knight" triumphed in two categories: sound editing of music in a feature and sound effects and foley in a feature.

"Mamma Mia!" was recognized for sound editing of music in a musical feature, and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" was singled out for sound editing of dialogue and ADR in a feature.

In the ceremony's TV categories, winners included "Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Lair of Grievous," animation; "Generation Kill — Get Some," longform dialogue and ADR; "Lost — Confirmed Dead #402," shortform dialogue and ADR; "Crusoe — Rum & Gunpowder," longform sound effects and foley; "Battlestar Galactica — He That Believeth in Me," shortform sound effects and foley; "Celine," longform music; and "CSI: Miami — Tipping Point," shortform music.

Warner Premiere's "Batman: Gotham Knight" scored the award for sound editing in the direct-to-video field. Other category winners included: Microsoft's "Gears of War 2," computer entertainment; "Mummy's Boy," National Film and Television School, student film; "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk," MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation, special venue. (partialdiff)