'Wall-E Cam' Heads to International Space Station

NASA to document Space Shuttle Atlantis mission in 3D.

Panasonic's professional Full HD 3D camcorder -- which some in the production community find bears a resemblance to Pixar's famous robot in WALL-E -- is heading to the International Space Station to be used to document the final mission of the NASA Space Shuttle in 3D.

NASA has already used the Panasonic camcorders to document the training and preparation leading up to Friday's launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

"Panasonic is delighted that the 3DA1 3D camcorder is playing a vital role in documenting this momentous NASA mission," said Panasonic executive vp John Baisley in a statement. "The amazing 3D images that the 3DA1 produces may allow a new and unique view of the exploration of space for many applications."

The WALL-E camcorder isn't the only Atlantis item with a Hollywood twist. Paramount Pictures attempted to capitalize on shuttlemania with this tweet Friday, "Did you watch the final #spaceshuttle launch today? If you've seen #TF3, you know the space program is important to Transformers history!"

The (tenuous) connection? Transformers: Dark of the Moon features the Apollo 11 space flight in a pivotal plot point. When a Transformer space craft crash lands on the dark of the moon, President John Kennedy authorizes NASA to investigate, disguising the operation as America's attempt to best Russian aerospace technology.

Additional reporting by Daniel Levinsohn.